J.J. Cale


Un échantillon du talent de J.J. Cale.
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A Thing Going On (Grasshopper)
After Midnight (Naturally)
Another Song (To Tulsa and Back)
Bring Down The Curtain (Roll On)
Cajun Moon (Okie)
Call Me The Breeze (Naturally)
Carry On (Shades)
Change Your Mind (Travel-log)
Chasing You (Stay Around)
City Girls (Grasshopper)
Closer To You (Closer To You)
Cocaine (Troubadour)
Crazy Mama (Naturally)
Danger (The Road To Escondido)
Devil In Disguise (Grasshopper)
Digital Blues (Number 10)
Downtown L.A. (Grasshopper)
Drifters Wife (Grasshopper)
Fate Of A Fool (5)
Go Downtown (Stay Around)
Golden Ring (Rewind)
Guitar Man (Guitar Man)
Heads in Georgia (The Road To Escondido)
Hey Baby (Troubadour)
Homeless (To Tulsa and Back)
It's Easy (The Road To Escondido)
It's Good To Be In Austin (Rewind)
Leaving In The Morning (Roll On)
Lies (Really)
Lonesome Train (Number 10)
Magnolia (Naturally)
Mama Don't (Shades)
Money Talks (#8)
My Gal (To Tulsa and Back)
New Lover (To Tulsa and Back)
New Orleans (Travel-log)
Old Friend (Roll On)
People Lie (#8)
Ride Me High (Troubadour)
Ride The River (The Road To Escondido)
Roll On (Roll On)
Rollin' (Rewind)
Rock And Roll Records (Okie)
Seven Day Woman (Rewind)
Shangaid (Travel-log)
Since You Said Goodbye (Rewind)
Stay Around (Stay Around)
The Problem (To Tulsa and Back)
Things Ain't Simple (The Anthology)
Thirteen Days (5)
Who Am I Telling You? (The Road To Escondido)
Who Knew (Roll On)
You Keep Me Hangin' On (Grasshopper)